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Thread: This or that

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    Constance cuz I think Connie is okay. I find Ottilie to be too strange sounding and it would have spelling/pronunciation issues.
    Caroline - I love Caroline!
    Talita, I guess. I love Lita!
    Juliet or Isabelle - tough choice! I love them both. I think Juliet since Isabelle is more popular.
    Kay or Wendy - neither! negative associations with them both
    Rebecca - nn Becca
    Charlotte - I love Lottie!
    Tilda - I love Tilda, but really dislike Matilda
    Louise - Lulu is adorable! I would pick Alison, but it is my niece's name
    Irene - nn Renie
    Georgia - nn Gigi
    Mara or Darcie - not a fan of either
    Ela? That is a Greek word. There is a restaurant here named Ela! I think it means Come in, or something like that. Do you mean Ella?
    I have never cared for the name Poppy, as it is something people call their grandfather.
    Carla or Shauna - these are too dated names that I have never liked

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    Ottilie or Constance - Otillie
    Carolyn or Caroline - Caroline
    Justina or Talita - I don't care for either.
    Emma or Molly - Molly, though I like both.
    Lucy or Anna - Anna
    Holly or Tilly - Holly
    Juliet or Isabelle - I like both, but Juliet is my favorite.
    Kristina or Rhiannon - Rhiannon
    Kay or Wendy - I don't care for either
    Phoebe or Melanie - Phoebe
    Rosie or Gemma - Gemma
    Laura or Rebecca - Rebecca
    Lauren or Zoe - Zoe
    Tierney or Rosanna - Rosanna
    Charlotte or Sophia - Sophia
    Tilda or Marta - Marta
    Francesca or Mariella - Francesca
    Victorine or Cecelia - Cecelia
    Mary or Harriet - Mary
    Louise or Alison - Louise
    Irene or Jemima - Jemima
    Ashleigh or Georgia - Georgia
    Sabrina or Natasha - Natasha
    Mara or Darcie - Mara
    Rachel or Diana - Rachel
    Tabitha or Esther - I like both, but Tabitha has really developed a crush on Tabitha
    Anneka or Freya - Freya
    Ela or Poppy - Poppy
    Amy or Carol - Amy
    Carla or Shauna - I don't care for either
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    Ottilie or Constance- Constance. I hate Ottilie
    Carolyn or Caroline- Caroline, but I do like Carolyn too
    Justina or Talita- Justina. Talita sounds made up
    Emma or Molly- Molly, but I don't really like either
    Lucy or Anna- Anna, but I like both
    Holly or Tilly- Holly, not a fan of Tilly
    Juliet or Isabelle- Juliet- though I like Isabel
    Kristina or Rhiannon- Rhiannon, but I do like Kristina
    Kay or Wendy- Wendy
    Phoebe or Melanie- Melanie
    Rosie or Gemma- Gemma, but I like Rose better than Rosie by far and Gemma too
    Laura or Rebecca- Rebecca, but no nicknames
    Lauren or Zoe- Zoe
    Tierney or Rosanna- Rosanna
    Charlotte or Sophia- Sophia, but not a fan of either
    Tilda or Marta- Marta, but dislike both
    Francesca or Mariella- Francesca
    Victorine or Cecelia- Victorine
    Mary or Harriet- Mary
    Louise or Alison- Alison
    Irene or Jemima- Irene
    Ashleigh or Georgia- Georgia
    Sabrina or Natasha- Natasha
    Mara or Darcie- Mara
    Rachel or Diana- Diana, but I like Rachel too
    Tabitha or Esther- Tabitha
    Anneka or Freya- Anneka
    Ela or Poppy- Ela
    Amy or Carol- Amy
    Carla or Shauna- Shauna
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