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    Maybe in kind of an opposite way. My name is Alyssa, and while I love my name, I don't really lean towards similar names. The names I like are more traditional/Biblical: Lydia, Leah, Adah, Luke, Jonah, Malachi, Seth. I also draw from my heritage (which is...well, let's just say my mom calls us mutts, so there's alot in our family tree), mostly my Italian, Irish, and Scottish sides, so that's where names like Quinn and Mackenzie (for a male) come in as mn.

    It's not that I had some horrible experience with my name, or I hate it or anything...on the contrary, I love it. I'm not one to say "well, my name became rather popular or it's dated and so now I'm looking to name my kid something more traditional". I just like those names. I always loved reading historical fiction, Amish ficiton, and the Bible, so I grew to love those names.
    Currently liking:

    Girls: Lydia Jeanette, Leah Christine, Aria Quinn, Anna Ruby

    Boys: Asa Vincent, Peter Eliot, Anthony Nicholas, Paul Gregory, Luke Mackenize

    Thinking about:
    Viva Lux, Luca Daniel, Lorenzo "Enzo", Adah Marie

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    I'm sure it does... at least with girl's names. I have a popular, feminine but not frilly girl's name, and it had an intuitive, everyday-use nickname. I loved having a clearly feminine name, but I was also a tree-climber and my name worked for that, too. The popularity of my name kind of annoyed me, but I got over it. My parents chose well. Now, I tend to like feminine names that aren't frilly.
    Silas ~ Gideon ~ Lincoln ~ Ezekiel ~ Malachi ~ Samuel ~ Ezra ~ Charlie ~ Gabriel ~ Elliott
    Maisie ~ Sophie ~ Naomi ~ Willa ~ Evangeline ~ Freya ~ Vivienne ~ Nora ~ Josephine ~ Daphne

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    I don't think it applies to me... except that I basically have 2 names and my lists usually have multiple personalities, I guess.
    My legal name is very common for my age group, no-nonsense, dated. I go by Lucy which is "cyclical contemporary" (well-received now, but I've only met one other person named Lucy and she was about 20 years older than me. Even living in Spain, I never met a Lucía despite it being the #1 name for the past few years, but then again, I lived in Valencian & Basque areas where the trends are different).
    I guess I do like dated & clunky names, but dated in a "grandparent" kind of way, where it's been out of style for a long time, and not a recent boom.

    I think the biggest effect my name has on my name style is just my general interest in names. My parents kind of seemed indifferent to the naming process, and I found that out when I was very young, and I have always been nuts about researching names.
    Ariadne, Eleanora, Minerva, Orchid, Sela
    Caius, Everett, Luther, Marius, Mordecai

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    Absolutely. Having one of the top names at the time I was born has always haunted me. I knew long ago I didn't want to name my children anything near the top 50.
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    and ~Teagan Dahlia~ 5/13~

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    I think it's true, at least a little. My name is Athena, which is fairly uncommon where I live. The majority of the names that I like are more uncommon, but because they're musty old lady names, not names from Greek mythology. I think I liked being the only Athena in my class, and I want my daughters to feel special because they're the only Sybil's, Dorothea's, or Araminta's.

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