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    Aurora Mae or Oakley Charles.

    If you are living in a Gaelic-speaking location, I'd go with Aoife Capri. If you're not, I can't recommend it, sorry!
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    I really like Isla Mae, Oceana Louise, and Rylan Blake as combos.
    I also like Tuesday, Aurora, Odessa, Lyric, Saffron, River, and Charles but not in the combo's you have them in
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    I like Isla and River.

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    Your girls list has too many words and places for my taste. The combos are too descriptive (Saffron Jade are two colours), kind of cheesy (Lyric Capri?) or oddly mismatched (Aoife is a great name but pairing it with Capri just ruins it for me).

    Top Three Faves For Girls -

    Isla Mae
    Aurora Mae
    Oceana Louise

    Sorry but I don't really care for any of your boys combos (Ryder = "ride her") but if someone had a gun to my head I would choose Landon Blake even though it sounds like "land and lake".
    All the best,

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    Alanora? That's a new one. Really pretty though.
    Alanora Mae is my favorite of your girl combos, actually. It has the best flow.
    Oakley Charles is the only combo I like from the boys.

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