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    Help me choose =]

    I have a long list and their all equally as beautiful to me...Help me pick =]

    Girls -

    Isla Mae
    Odessa Capri
    Aurora Mae
    Tuesday Emily
    Alanora Mae
    Lyric Capri
    Aoife Capri
    Oceana Louise
    Evaleigh Mae
    Arizona Mae
    Capri Mila
    Elektra Mae
    Saffron Jade

    Boys -

    River Rylan
    Rylan Blake
    Landon Blake
    Ryder James
    Oakley Charles

    Thanks xox

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    You have a lovely list of names!

    I really love Oceana Louise! I've only ever come across one Oceana, she's 1 years old.

    From the boys I like Landon Blake.
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    Isla Mae and Aurora Mae are favorite girls names from your list. Ryder James is my favorite boys name.
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    I really like Isla Mae, Aurora Mae but my favorite is Aoife Capri, although I'm not a huge fan of Capri because of a personal association. Adore Aoife though.
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    From your list, I like these, in this order
    Lyric Capri
    Isla Mae
    Odessa Capri

    I's also add:
    Saffron Capri - I think with Saffron Jade it seems too Crayola colory
    Evaleigh Saffron - I like the sound of Evaleigh, but not the unique spelling. I'd prefer it as a double-barrelled name. But I like Saffron with it.

    Boys -
    Landon Blake - really like this one

    Oakley Charles - this is okay, I'd personally prefer Charles Oakley but that doesn't seem to be your style.
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