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    I won't be getting married anytime soon but I won't be giving up my surname.

    I'd be happy to double barrel with the man I marry, should the names work together, but I won't be giving up my surname.

    My surname is very much part of American life; the surname of a former President and the name of a major U.S. city, and having said that you've probably guessed what it is now. I love my surname because of it's connection to my country and I don't want to lose that.

    Chad - my boyfriend - has already said that if we go the distance, he'd actually take my name, because he thinks it's better than his!
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    I come from a rather religiously and politically conservative community in the Southern US, and it was assumed I'd take my husband's last name.
    We toyed around with hyphenating/double-barreling both of our names, both adopting the new name, and giving it to the kids, but we decided against it because:

    1) double the paperwork
    2) inconvenience on forms
    3) kids would have to eventually choose a name when they married/had kids or have a triple/quadruple barreled name
    4) didn't want to have to explain our decision to EVERYONE we know

    Instead, I took my maiden name as my middle name. I'm just out of college, so I haven't built a professional identity yet, but I still plan to publish under my full name to honor my maiden name. We're considering naming our first boy "Locke," which is my maiden name.

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