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    I changed mine, I loved my last name, My dad and family own a lot of places in town and everyone knew who knew my name knew my family and who I was. But your starting a new life with someone and you will start a family. Just think of the little things in the future, your Christmas cards it won't just say from "The B's"
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    I will be taking my partners name when we marry - our children already have it, but that's not my main reason.

    It may sound silly, but my last name is so long, complex and impossible to pronounce in English that I can't wait to have a normal "that what everyones called" last name.

    I won't hyphenate for that reason either. My maiden name really IS stupidly long so going from an 18 letter last name (yes, EIGHTEEN) to a 6 letter one that people can pronounce AND spell will be heaven!

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    I am getting married this October and I have decided to take his name for my surname and move my maiden name to the middle name spot. I have a strong attachment to my maiden name because it is part of my identity and links me to my birth family, but I also want the connection to my husband and his family and I want my future family to have the same name between me, my husband, and my children.
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    I changed mine. I would have kept it if it was something interesting, but my maiden name was White - blah! "White" in my case is also an Anglicisation of a longer Maori name, so it doesn't even feel like a real name to me. I traded it for something better My friend whose surname is Joy told me she'd never ever change her name. Yeah, well neither would I if I had something that lovely lol.
    I completely understand why people keep their name though. From a feminist perspective changing your name to your husband's is a little bit unsettling. Then again, as another poster mentioned, most people get their maiden names from their fathers... Can't really win.
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    No. From a pratical pov, I already have 3 last names — it would be tiresome to add yet another one. On the other hand, I don't like the sexist/conservative undertones this practise has in my country (it's basically a fake tradition here, "imported" in mid-20th century by the fascist government and later popularised by american influences).
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