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    Looking for boy name suggestions

    Hi girls! Just thinking for the future about baby names and I can't come up with any boy names that I love.

    My girl list:
    Felicity (#1 for the future)
    Penelope (a close second)
    Matilda (nn Tilly)
    Tessa (nn Tess)
    Stella (popular but so cute)

    Ideas of boy names I like but would love more suggestions

    Sebastian - nn Seb/Sebbie/Bash!
    Everett - NN Ev/Rhett
    Silas - getting trendy though
    Milo - So cute, but nicknamey
    Oliver - Too close to Eloise?
    Jonah - Adore it!
    Levi - sad that it's getting popular

    Thanks berries!
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    I love Sebastian and Everett!

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    Well I adore Sebastian. But I think thats on the rise for popularity. I'm hearing that more and more it seems.

    I also really like Milo from your list and don't think its too nicknamey at all.

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    Thanks! Hmmm. Even though Sebastian seems popular (although probably not where I live because I never hear it around) it may still be my favorite. It embodies almost everything I'm looking for. Handsome, old fashioned, classic but still interesting, great nn's, has a nice flow but still masculine. Boy names are so hard for me! Haha
    Me + hubby = One prince and two little princesses <3 <3 <3. So in love with our family and our new little pink bundle!!

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    Wow! You and I have very similar taste in names! I love pretty much all of the ones on your list. Other suggestions:

    Mom to Alexander Patrick (10), Madelyn Esther (7), Genevieve Susan (2), and angel baby Theodore James (stillborn at 37 weeks on February 3, 2014).

    Hoping to welcome another little one into our family in 2015.

    Girls: Bridget, Elizabeth, Isadora, Felicity, Helena, Marianne, Violet, Penelope, Ophelia, Victoria
    Boys: Sebastian, Everett, Julian, Henry, Caspian, Desmond, Arthur, Nicholas, Anthony, Barnaby

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