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    Malcolm- Stellar... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!
    Graham- I like it more paired with long last names... maybe not with Lewis.
    Roderick- Not really a fan. It makes me think of a rod.
    Fletcher- Never liked it much, but I completely respect that other people like it.
    Duncan- Love as much as Malcolm. It's refined and different... it brings to mind the singer Duncan Sheik, but also the basketball player Tim Duncan.
    Jasper- I love this, but not next to your other choices...
    Owen- This is too plain. Your surname is Lewis... spice it up a bit.
    Stewart- I love this name so much. It makes me think of Jimmy Stewart (such a sweet guy), and the Golden Age of Hollywood. This does feel different from the others, in that I get a very introverted, kind, mature vibe.
    Fraser- This name is awesome. I actually know a British Fraser here, but it also makes me think of the Canadian show Due South. I wouldn't worry about any tv show connotations... the kids won't have those connections.

    1. Malcolm 1. Duncan (tied) 2. Fraser 3. Stewart 4. Jasper 5. Graham 6. Owen 7. Fletcher 8. Roderick
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    Love Malcolm, Graham and Owen from your list.

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    You have a great list. My favorites are Malcolm, Graham, Jasper, and Owen.
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    I like your list, however Malcolm is my very clear favorite. Full disclosure, it is #2 on my own personal list. If I back out on Desmond, Malcolm is going to be the name of my boy. I have strange associations with most of your other names, even though they are great and lovable names. Jasper would be my 2nd choice.

    The only problem with Malcolm is that I don't love Malcolm William. The tongue gets a bit tied up with the l's and m's. Jasper William is phenomenal, though!
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    Great names. I like Jasper best with last name Lewis. Jasper Lewis seems like he could be serious, fun or both.

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