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Thread: Christina?

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    It may sound dated here, but it's a pretty name anyway and also quite stylish in Europe.

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    I like it, but only as a route to get to Tina, which I'm really crushing on at the moment. The "Chris" beginning really puts me off because I think it makes it souns clunky and masculine. I've never met a Christina so couldn't say whether it's dated or not, strangely I find Christina to have an older vibe than Tina
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    I have to say that it seems dated to me... but I do love Christiane (i.e. Amanpour) and Christiana... Those versions sound fresher and more interesting to me.
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    I second what alzora and taz said - it may be a bit dated, but it has plenty of history as a name so I don't think it's dated in a "bad" way. (For other examples I feel the same way about Amy and Melissa.)

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    Its my name and I've never liked it. When I was a kid I always thought of it as an adults name whereas all my preschool friends had "kids names" (ex. Ashley, Allie, Emily etc). I don't think my name wears well on children and even though its classic it still has that 90's feel to me. I think Christina would make a great middle name though. Its technically a classic and goes well with a lot of other names, both classic and modern.
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