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Thread: Judge away

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    Just tell me your honest opinions.
    Girls: Autumn Summer, Mirabelle, Addison, Copeland, Rosaline, Arizona, Arabella, Cecilia, Eve, Juliet, Calla, Alaska, Alyssa, Venessa, Belle, Anya, Gwen, Nova, Jordan, Catalina, Atlanta, Sophie, Savannah, Clementine, Alva, Aviana (Avis), Thea, Lennox, Cosette, Eponine, Aria, Sutton, Winter, Clover, Alba

    Boys: Casper, Reeve, Christopher, Finn, Trevor, Rebel, Connor, Avery, Lucas, Ransom, Jackson, Isaac, Cain, Hayden, Asa, Alfie, Harold, River, Cricket, Rhys, Hudson

    I like all of your names and those i particularly LOVE because they are uncommon and unique are... Arizona< Also my daughters middle name... Anya, nova, Savannah , Alvam Aria, addison and boys i love Finn, trevor, avery, lucas, jackson, cain, alfie, river 7 hudson!! xx

    But the end of the day your the one who likes the name the name then that is all that matters. I expect alot of those on here would like to judge the name liberty but hey my daughter suits that name and i wouldnt change it for the world.
    Dani mum to My little dude Bailey & my little minx Liberty
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    Phoenix, Elijah, Zeke, Logan

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    For girls-
    I love:
    Rosaline, Gwen, Atlanta (well… Atalanta), Alba

    I really like:
    Mirabelle, Cecilia, Eve, Juliet, Anya, Sophie, Aria

    I like:
    Autumn, Summer, Arabella, Catalina, Thea, Clover

    Nova, Savannah, Alva

    I'm not a fan:
    Addison, Calla, Alyssa, Venessa, Belle, Jordan, Clementine, Aviana (Avis), Winter

    I really dislike:
    Copeland, Arizona, Alaska, Lennox (love it on a boy though), Cosette, Eponine, Sutton

    And for boys-
    I love:
    Casper, Avery, Isaac, Asa

    I like:
    Finn, Hayden

    Reeve, Trevor, Connor, Lucas, Alfie, River, Rhys

    Not a fan:
    Christopher, Jackson, Cain, Harold, Hudson

    Really dislike:
    Rebel, Ransom, Cricket
    Ariadne, Eleanora, Minerva, Orchid, Sela
    Caius, Everett, Luther, Marius, Mordecai

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    Greater Boston, MA
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    I really like:Autumn, Summer, Rosaline, Arabella, Cecilia, Eve, Juliet, Calla, Belle, Anya, Gwen, Nova, Catalina, Sophie, Savannah, Cosette, Eponine, Aria, Winter and Clover - These are all very pretty! A lot of them are on my list, too.

    Just not my taste: Mirabelle, Arizona, Alaska, Clementine, Aviana, Thea, Alba, Lennox, Atlanta, Addison
    Not a fan: Copeland - too surname-y Alyssa - it's a perfectly fine name, but tragically overused Venessa - I'd like it if with an a Jordan - never thought this flattered a girl Alva - sounds made-up Sutton - also too surname-y

    I really like: Casper, Christopher, Finn, Connor, Avery, Jackson, Isaac, Asa, Alfie, Harold, River, Rhys, and Hudson

    Just not my taste: Trevor, Lucas, Hayden, Reeve
    Not a fan: Rebel, Ransom, Cricket - too wordy Cain - too murderous - Kane might be better

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    Autumn - 90s but nice if you have a reason for loving the season
    Summer - Game of thrones wolf.
    Mirabelle - pretty!
    Addison - prefer Adele.
    Copeland - not a name. also, I would assume male.
    Rosaline - pretty
    Arizona - not a name
    Arabella - i want to like it, but unsure
    Cecilia - love
    Eve - love
    Juliet - just ok.
    Calla - pretty and unique
    Alaska - out there, but might work
    Alyssa - dated. also it would be hard for me to remember how many sses and where the y goes.
    Venessa - do you mean Vanessa?
    Belle - simple
    Anya - hippy?
    Gwen - ok
    Nova - no
    Aviana (Avis),
    Thea - I like it, short, simple, easy to spell
    Lennox - not pretty
    Cosette - Les mis, too tied to this movie
    Eponine - Les mis, too tied to this movie
    Aria - ok
    Sutton - no
    Winter - star wars character. if you love all the seasons, you should choose a favorite
    Clover - odd, but ok if you love it.
    Alba - Jessica alba has this name, not as pretty as other choices

    Boys: Casper, Reeve, Christopher, Finn, Trevor, Rebel, Connor, Avery, Lucas, Ransom, Jackson, Isaac, Cain, Hayden, Asa, Alfie, Harold, River, Cricket, Rhys, Hudson

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