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Thread: Judge away

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    May 2011
    For girls-
    I love:
    Rosaline, Gwen, Atlanta (well… Atalanta), Alba

    I really like:
    Mirabelle, Cecilia, Eve, Juliet, Anya, Sophie, Aria

    I like:
    Autumn, Summer, Arabella, Catalina, Thea, Clover

    Nova, Savannah, Alva

    I'm not a fan:
    Addison, Calla, Alyssa, Venessa, Belle, Jordan, Clementine, Aviana (Avis), Winter

    I really dislike:
    Copeland, Arizona, Alaska, Lennox (love it on a boy though), Cosette, Eponine, Sutton

    And for boys-
    I love:
    Casper, Avery, Isaac, Asa

    I like:
    Finn, Hayden

    Reeve, Trevor, Connor, Lucas, Alfie, River, Rhys

    Not a fan:
    Christopher, Jackson, Cain, Harold, Hudson

    Really dislike:
    Rebel, Ransom, Cricket
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    Sela Beatrix, Adelaide Flora, Vivian Lilac, Orchid Minerva, Audrey Cordelia
    Opal, Zinnia, Sefora, Leire, Nuria, Freya

    Bastian Liher, Gideon Felix, Fletcher Atlas, Ephraim Grey, Joscelin Amos
    Eneko, Ekhi, Bruno, Oriol, Earnest, Ivor

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    Greater Boston, MA
    ⋆ Margaret Mary ⋆

    Ada ⋆ Beatrice ⋆ Christabel ⋆ Cordelia ⋆ Dorothea ⋆ Elisabeth ⋆ Frances ⋆ Harriet ⋆ Ida ⋆ Iris ⋆ Jessamine ⋆ Josephine ⋆ Mary ⋆ Maryann ⋆ Nora ⋆ Olive ⋆ Pearl ⋆ Rosabel ⋆ Rose ⋆ Rosemary ⋆ Sarah ⋆ Thessaly ⋆ Violet

    Abel ⋆ Archer ⋆ Asher ⋆ August ⋆ Benedict ⋆ Edmund ⋆ Fletcher ⋆ Francis ⋆ Gabriel ⋆ Isaac ⋆ Jack ⋆ Joah ⋆ John ⋆ Josiah ⋆ Jude ⋆ Nathanael ⋆ Nicholas ⋆ Noah ⋆ Raphael ⋆ Reuben ⋆ Samuel ⋆ Sebastian ⋆ Tobias ⋆ Zachariah

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    I really like:Autumn, Summer, Rosaline, Arabella, Cecilia, Eve, Juliet, Calla, Belle, Anya, Gwen, Nova, Catalina, Sophie, Savannah, Cosette, Eponine, Aria, Winter and Clover - These are all very pretty! A lot of them are on my list, too.

    Just not my taste: Mirabelle, Arizona, Alaska, Clementine, Aviana, Thea, Alba, Lennox, Atlanta, Addison
    Not a fan: Copeland - too surname-y Alyssa - it's a perfectly fine name, but tragically overused Venessa - I'd like it if with an a Jordan - never thought this flattered a girl Alva - sounds made-up Sutton - also too surname-y

    I really like: Casper, Christopher, Finn, Connor, Avery, Jackson, Isaac, Asa, Alfie, Harold, River, Rhys, and Hudson

    Just not my taste: Trevor, Lucas, Hayden, Reeve
    Not a fan: Rebel, Ransom, Cricket - too wordy Cain - too murderous - Kane might be better

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    Autumn - 90s but nice if you have a reason for loving the season
    Summer - Game of thrones wolf.
    Mirabelle - pretty!
    Addison - prefer Adele.
    Copeland - not a name. also, I would assume male.
    Rosaline - pretty
    Arizona - not a name
    Arabella - i want to like it, but unsure
    Cecilia - love
    Eve - love
    Juliet - just ok.
    Calla - pretty and unique
    Alaska - out there, but might work
    Alyssa - dated. also it would be hard for me to remember how many sses and where the y goes.
    Venessa - do you mean Vanessa?
    Belle - simple
    Anya - hippy?
    Gwen - ok
    Nova - no
    Aviana (Avis),
    Thea - I like it, short, simple, easy to spell
    Lennox - not pretty
    Cosette - Les mis, too tied to this movie
    Eponine - Les mis, too tied to this movie
    Aria - ok
    Sutton - no
    Winter - star wars character. if you love all the seasons, you should choose a favorite
    Clover - odd, but ok if you love it.
    Alba - Jessica alba has this name, not as pretty as other choices

    Boys: Casper, Reeve, Christopher, Finn, Trevor, Rebel, Connor, Avery, Lucas, Ransom, Jackson, Isaac, Cain, Hayden, Asa, Alfie, Harold, River, Cricket, Rhys, Hudson

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    Eve - one of my favorites
    Gwen - love it! gorgeous
    Mirabelle - very pretty! I also like Meribel
    Nova - love it, very nice
    Sophie - I like it. Popular for a reason
    Aria - pretty
    Anya - I like it a lot!
    Rosaline - very nice, I like it
    Arabella - pretty
    Calla - pretty. Simple and different.
    Juliet - okay
    Autumn - I like it, it's pretty
    Catalina - different, but I do like it
    Cecilia - not one I really like, but it's okay
    Savannah - I don't hate it, but it's not one I really like. Much prefer Suzannah
    Alyssa- meh, sorta 90's but it's not terrible
    Summer- I prefer Autumn
    Winter - I like it as a middle, not so much as a first. Though Winnie is great
    Cosette, Eponine - sorry, but I think these are the Atticus and Scout of the last couple years. Really rather silly if you're not French, and even then, probably not advisable
    Belle - fine, nothing spectacular, but it's okay
    Clementine - okay, definitely different, but it's kinda cool too
    Aviana (Avis) - okay
    Thea - okay
    Clover - it's pretty, but I'm not sure I'd encourage it's use
    Venessa - Vanessa is okay, Venessa just looks misspelled
    Alva - too close to Alvin for my taste
    Addison - really trendy and not all that pretty. I much prefer Adelaide, Adele, Adina, etc.
    Jordan - not one I like at all for a girl (or a boy for that matter, but especially not for a girl)
    Lennox - for a boy I think it's okay, for a girl, not at all
    Sutton - same as above
    Arizona - sorry, but I think it's kinda stupid as a name
    Alaska - same as above
    Atlanta - don't like it at all
    Alba - sorry, I don't like it
    Copeland - really really hate it.

    Finn - love it
    Avery - love
    Lucas - like it
    Isaac - fine
    Rhys - like it
    Casper - okay
    Hudson - okay, kinda like it
    Trevor - meh
    Reeve - okay
    Christopher - meh
    Harold - not fond, still feels dated to me
    Connor - snore
    Jackson - meh
    Asa - don't like it
    River - meh
    Alfie - meh
    Cain - meh
    Hayden - not fond, Aidan trend
    Cricket - hate
    Rebel - hate it
    Ransom - hate it a lot
    Top Names: Benedict Calvin & Noelle Geneva
    Olivia/Livy : Darah/Bethel : Eve/Verity
    Eli/Solomon : Luke/Zane: Levi/Phineas
    Due in January!

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