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Thread: Judge away

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    Autumn - love as a middle
    Summer - Don't like
    Mirabelle - this is a sweet name, but I'm not sure I'd use it on an actual child. It seems more like a dolls name
    Addison - don't like
    Copeland - don't like
    Rosaline - I generally love Rosa-names, but this one just doesn't do it for me
    Arizona - don't like
    Arabella - Like! Much better than Mirabelle too
    Cecilia - Well, I got this as middlename and I gotta say I find it uninspiring
    Eve - I prefer Eva, but both are very pretty and usable
    Juliet - Not a fan
    Calla - Don't like
    Alaska - don't like
    Alyssa - Reminds me of Silent Hill
    Venessa - I like Vanessa, but Venessa looks misspelled or like a misspelled Venetia
    Belle - Not a fan
    Anya - Don't like
    Gwen - Like!
    Nova - Great name! I love this and would consider using myself
    Jordan - Reminds me of Katie Price, which is a negative of me
    Catalina - Very cute, but not a lot of nn potential. Yea Cat and Lina, but both of those are quite uninspiring to me
    Atlanta - don't like
    Sophie - Prefer Sophia
    Savannah - love
    Clementine - Don't like
    Alva - On the fence here
    Aviana (Avis) - Neutral
    Thea - Not a fan
    Lennox - not for a girl
    Cosette - don't like
    Eponine - don't like
    Aria - love
    Sutton - don't like
    Winter - pretty, but as a middle
    Clover - don't like
    Alba- I love Alba! I don't think its "cheesy" at all. It IS a name after all, meaning either white or dawn. I think its a great name, but it doesn't get a lot of love on Nameberry, unfortunately.

    Casper - Good name, but prefer Jasper
    Reeve - Neutral
    Christopher - Find it uninspiring. Good middlename tho.
    Finn - Neutral
    Trevor - Don't like
    Rebel, Ransom, Cain, Asa, Alfie, River, Cricket - don't like.
    Connor - Neutral
    Avery - Neutral
    Lucas - I like it, but prefer Luca
    Isaac - Good name =)
    Jackson - I have a love/hate relationship with Jackson I can't quite explain =/
    Hayden - don't like
    Harold - Don't like
    Hudson - Don't like
    Rhys - Neutral

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    Quote Originally Posted by jenna5128 View Post
    I see positive aspects to all of them except Arizona and Alaska. The American trend of state-naming babies seems confusing to those of us outside the US. I can't imagine naming my child Ontario or Saskatchewan.

    Of note to me: Lennox is my settled upon boy name. DH and I are having an impossible time coming up with a girls name and have started contemplating Lennox whether bebe is a boy OR a girl. Glad to see another person who sees the surname name as possible on a woman.
    I love Lennox for a girl! (Or boy!)

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    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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    The girls names I love, with scattered comments:

    Arabella- I love this name, but, as others have pointed out, it’s really trendy right now.
    Cecilia- Very pretty. Also love Celia.
    Belle- I tend to call my daughter this. Beautiful and simple
    Sophie- So sweet, and I think it would age well in spite of it sounding so young.
    Aria- I love this name, particularly because of its musical meaning.

    The rest aren’t bad names, just simply not my style. The only one I’d really question is Copeland and Alva. Beware that Alva sounds similar to a body part. Copeland just seems odd, even as a unisex option. For the boys, I love:


    The only two I really don’t care for are Rebel and Ransom. Rebel is too southern (US southern) for me to really get on board, and Ransom just doesn’t have the greatest connotation.
    Current loves: Theodore & Rosalind

    Mommy to Arabella and Jude

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    Autumn - I see no problems. PASS
    Summer - I like this even better than Autumn. Just don't use them together. PASS*
    Mirabelle - I wouldn't use it, I don't think, but it's cute. PASS
    Addison - I'm not a fan. FAIL
    Copeland - Rex Copeland was a debater who was murdered by his debate coach. Now there's a debate award called the Copeland. But even without that tie, I wouldn't use it. It doesn't sound feminine at all. FAIL
    Rosaline - I love Rose names. PASS
    Arizona - Ehh...FAIL
    Arabella - I like Mirabelle better. FAIL
    Cecilia - It's nice. PASS
    Eve - Good. PASS
    Juliet - Nice literary ties, nice name. PASS
    Calla - I used this name for a character once. I like it. PASS
    Alaska - Not a fan. FAIL
    Alyssa - Very nice. PASS
    Venessa - What's wrong with Vanessa? FAIL (Vanessa would have passed!)
    Belle - Kind of plain, but good nonetheless. PASS
    Anya - The sound just isn't pleasing to me. FAIL
    Gwen - I love it. PASS*
    Nova - I like Nora and Nola better, but this isn't bad. PASS
    Jordan - I see it as masculine, but it's nice. PASS
    Catalina - I just think of Catalina Winemixer. FAIL (It does have a nice sound though!)
    Atlanta - No. FAIL
    Sophie - Popular, but cute. PASS
    Savannah - Another character. I love this name. PASS*
    Clementine - Not a fan, but I'll give you a PASS
    Alva - Sounds like Alma, which is a Mormon prophet. I'm Mormon myself, but...FAIL
    Aviana - Too many vowels for me. FAIL
    Thea - It's nice. PASS
    Lennox - It's more of a boy's name. And even then, I wouldn't like it. FAIL
    Cosette - It's nice. Good literary ties. PASS
    Eponine - I like the literary ties, but I don't like the name. FAIL
    Aria - It's alright. PASS
    Sutton - Eh. FAIL
    Winter - Good. PASS
    Clover - It's more of a name for a pet to me, but it still gets a PASS
    Alba - Jessica Alba? FAIL

    Casper - Ghost references galore, but PASS
    Reeve - Not a fan. But I'll give it a PASS
    Christopher - Good. PASS
    Finn - I love this name. PASS*
    Trevor - Good. PASS
    Rebel - Are you trying to encourage something? FAIL
    Connor - One of my top favorite names. PASS*
    Avery - Good. PASS
    Lucas - Also good. PASS
    Ransom - No. FAIL
    Jackson - Good. Popular where I live, though. PASS
    Isaac - I love it. PASS
    Cain - Good, although you might get some nasty Biblical comments...PASS
    Hayden - It's not bad... PASS
    Asa - Not a fan. FAIL
    Alfie - It's good. PASS
    Harold - Not my style, but I'll PASS it
    River - It's alright. PASS
    Cricket - Not a very nice reference...FAIL
    Rhys - I've never really liked this name, but PASS
    Hudson - Don't use Hudson and River together, but they're nice separately. PASS

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