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Thread: Judge away

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    Autumn, Summer, Winter, Clover - Like these a lot. My favorite is Winter.
    Mirabelle - Love. So pretty and lovely meaning.
    Addison - Not a fan of this on a girl. And names of the Madison/Addison ilk are feeling really overdone.
    Copeland/Sutton - To brusque for first names, especially for a girl.
    Rosaline - I would like it better if it was Rosalie or Rosalind.
    Arizona - LOVE
    Arabella, Cecilia, Eve, Juliet, Calla. Savannah - All lovely names.
    Alaska, Atlanta, Catalina, Alba - They're okay. I'm neutral.
    Alyssa - Pretty.
    Venessa - Not a fan.
    Belle, Anya, Gwen - Perfectly fine, but not something I'm a fan of necessarily. I like Belle as a middle.
    Nova - Not a fan.
    Jordan - Don't like it on a girl.
    Sophie - LOVE
    Clementine - I want to like it, but I associate it with the song, which makes it unusable for me.
    Alva, Aviana, Thea - Don't care for any of these.
    Lennox - Too masculine
    Cosette, Eponine - Love Cosette, can't stand Eponine
    Aria - I don't understand the love for this name.

    Casper - Love.
    Reeve, Finn, Trevor, Connor - Neutral
    Rebel, Cricket - No. Just no.
    Christopher - One of my favorite names for a boy. Love it so so much.
    Avery - LOVE
    Lucas, Jackson - Handsome names
    Ransom - Love. As a Christian, I attach more meaning to this name than others probably do. Also, it has a dash of cowboy panache, which I really dig.
    Isaac, Asa - Both strong names.
    Cain - I love the sound, but I would go with Kane, which has a totally different meaning and doesn't have the Cain and Abel baggage.
    Hayden - This is a perfectly good name that gets overwhelmed by the Aiden/Jayden epidemic.
    Alfie, Harold - Not a fan.
    River - Like this one a good bit.
    Rhys, Hudson - Love these.
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    maybe Endora, Dexter, Gideon & Lorelei
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    ✘ (if I didn't put an explanation, it means I just don't like the sound of it):
    Clover: Cute name, but seems tease-worthy.
    Copeland: I think Copeland is a very pretty surname and it could grow on me for a boy, but it does not sound feminine at all.
    Eponine: This name just sounds hideous.
    Jordan: I prefer it for boys.
    Lennox: Same exact reason as Copeland.
    Nova: It seems over the top, but it could grow on me.
    Rosaline: I prefer Rosalind.
    Sutton: Should stay a surname.
    Venessa: I prefer the spelling Vanessa.



    Casper: The association with the ghost is hard to shake away imo. Plus Jasper sounds cuter.
    Christopher: It's so overused and I have so many bad assocations with the name.
    Cricket: Don't name your son after an ugly insect.
    Hayden: Sounds to feminine to me.
    Ransom: Asking for trouble and teasing.
    Rebel: Same reason as Ransom.
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    Autumn, Summer and Winter: I'm not a fan of season names.
    Alaska, Arizona, Atlanta: I'm not a fan of the name of places being used for names either.
    Mirabelle, Belle, Arabella, Eve: I quite like these, Belle being my favourite.
    Copeland and Jordan: I think they sound more like boys name although Jordan is unisex.
    Rosaline, Juliet, Venessa (Vanessa), Nova, Savannah: I don't mind these names just not my personal style.
    Calla and Anya: Although these names aren't my personal taste, I do think they would make pretty names.
    Alyssa and Nova: I quite like these although I prefer Alisia to Alyssa.
    Sophie: Seems a little safe
    Clementine, Alva, Aviana (Avis), Thea, Lennox, Cosette, Eponine, Aria, Sutton, Clover, Alba, Catalina, Gwen, Cecilia: I just dislike them although Thea is the best choice from these names.

    Casper, Reeve, Harold, River, Cricket, Hudson, Asa, Rebel, Ransom, Trevor, Jackson: The best choice here is probably Casper, the rest are horrible sorry!
    Christopher, Connor, Cain, Rhys, Isaac: I quite like these names, my favourite is probably either Christopher or Isaac
    Finn, Hayden, Lucas, Alfie: I like all of these names although I prefer Finley/Finlay and Finn as a nn.
    Avery: I always see this as a girls name although it's unisex.
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    Here ya go! I bolded my favorites...

    Autumn, Summer, Arizona, Alaska, Winter, Clover, Atlanta, Savannah: These season, place, and object names are all a little too literal for me. And being from Atlanta, I find Atlanta especially odd as a girl's name.
    Clementine: same as above with the added association with "Oh my darling, Clementine" that would make this name unusable for me
    Catalina: Also a place name, but it doesn't bother me as much as the above. I kind of like this one, and it has cute nn potential. "Cat" or "Lina" would be adorable!
    Mirabelle, Arabella: Too frilly for my taste, but not bad.
    Addison: Very trendy, but I do like the nn "Addy."
    Copeland, Sutton: Too masculine
    Rosaline: very pretty
    Cecilia, Eve, Juliet, Anya: love these!!
    Calla: very sweet
    Alyssa, Jordan: very 90s
    Venessa: Vanessa? Also sounds dated.
    Gwen: I like it, but I would use Gwendolyn or Gwyneth as a given name with Gwen as a nn.
    Nova: I think of outer space
    Sophie: trendy, but cute
    Alva: This is a traditionally boy's name, but I guess it could work for a girl
    Aviana (Avis): Aviana is okay...Avis is a car rental company
    Thea: cute
    Lennox: Sounds like a stipper name (sorry to be blunt!)
    Cosette, Eponine: As stated by a pp, these are strongly tied to the characters in Les Miserables. Do you like Colette instead?
    Aria: Game of Thrones! I actually do like this name, and the character on the show is not a bad association.
    Alba: not my style

    Casper: I want to like this name, but I can't shake the friendly ghost association.
    Reeve: It's okay.
    Christopher, Isaac: Classics. I've always liked these names.
    Finn, Hayden, Jackson: very trendy
    Trevor: I've never liked this name for some reason. It also screams 90s kid to me.
    Rebel, Ransom: I'm not sure why anyone would ever name a child either of these
    Connor: I like it, but don't love it
    Avery: Very popular for girls right now
    Lucas: A little trendy, but cute. I know an adorable 2-year-old named Lucas right now, so I am maybe a little biased toward liking this name
    Cain: not the best association with the Cain and Able story...
    Asa: I like this one
    Alfie: very British, but cute
    Harold: This old man name may not be ready to be revived yet....
    River, Cricket: Again with the literal object names. I'm just not a big fan.
    Rhys: Like a lot!
    Hudson: not too bad

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