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    Handsome! Marcus is an unexpected choice from the Duggars. I just hate that their daughter got stuck with Mackynzie...
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    I like Marcus, compared to Michael and Mackynzie (ick!).

    I wonder if all the Duggar children will name THEIR children with the same letter?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarplumfairy View Post
    I hate how the boys have strong, classic (if a little dated) names and the poor girl is stuck with Mackynzie. I wonder what this says about the gender dynamics within the family.
    Since from what I understand, the females will not need to have a resume friendly name, it doesn't matter what their names will be.
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    Mackynzie makes me cringe... But Marcus is surprisingly refreshing. I'm not a fan of the name, but I'm happy they chose something a bit less common. I seriously hope at least one of the Duggar children steps out of the box and names their kids *not* with only one initial.

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    Did anyone else notice that Marcus's initials are MAD?

    I really am glad they chose Marcus.
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