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    Red face Please Help Us Decide!

    We are expecting our first baby boy and are having trouble deciding on a name. Ethan or Miles? I think I like Miles more than Ethan. I don't hear it as much as Ethan. My husband likes Ethan more but is open to Miles as well. So far, we are at:

    Ethan Miles
    Miles Xavier (reminds me of Charles Xavier from X-Men, pronounced ex-zay-vee-er). I think its cute.

    Please help us decide. We're open to middle name or first name suggestions to go with Miles. Thanks so much!

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    I prefer Miles and I feel like it is less popular than Ethan, if that matters to you. I really like Xavier, too.

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    My vote goes to Miles Xavier! I looooooove Ethan, but apparently it was like #3 or something in 2012? I had no idea it was so popular. I love the combo Miles Xavier though, much more than Ethan Miles.
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    Definitely Miles Xavier! Much more character than Ethan Miles, and the combo sounds better to my ears.
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