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    I'm new and would appreciate some help, please!

    Hi! I have been lurking on Nameberry for a year or so now, but my hubster and I just recently encountered a naming dilemma that I think the community here could help us with. See, I have a daughter named Clementine Eloise and a son named Gilbert Henry. In discussing future girl names we like Beatrice Eulalie, Cecily Margaret, Elinor Imogen, and Penelope Jane. We don't mind, and in fact prefer, sets with two 3-syllable names, because our last name is a single syllable.

    The problem, however, is Penelope. It has 4 syllables, so for whatever reason, I feel it needs to have a short middle. It's also pretty froufrou (to my mind), so I like the strength and grounding Jane provides. BUT we have a close friend who just had a baby named Penelope Jane and a fairly familiar colleague who named her newborn daughter Penelope June. Now I'm feeling a little less keen on the pair. We've gone through all our names and have kind of hit a wall as to what to pair with Penelope. Most of our other names are 3 syllables long (Josephine, Winifred, Gwendolyn, Caroline, Emmeline, Jessamine, et al--it's definitely my preferred length of name) and we don't feel like we can put a name that starts with a vowel after Penelope, because of the -ee sound. We also don't like names that end in -a. So many rules!

    I like Penelope Grey, since it's strong and simple, but it's not as feminine or Anglophile as my others. We also like Penelope Marion, but it's longish. Can any one give us some suggestions? It's not super pressing at the moment, but it would put me at ease to 'save' Penelope and not step on any friends' toes in the process...

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    I love your list! Cecily Margaret is my favorite. How about Penelope Clara or Clare?
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    Penelope Kate/Cate?

    Maybe too nicknamey compared with the others, but I love it.
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    Planning for baby... TTC... Big name lover and will ask a lot of questions about names!

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