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    Here In Canada....

    So I was at my friends house where I put two words together and thought "Whoa, that'd be a AWESOME name!"
    My friend Live and I were joking about America's misinformation about us Canadians, eh, and I said "Here in Canada-". I know what you're thinking. How interesting could this thread be. So let's skip the pleasantries and get straight to the heart of my new fascination. What are your thoughts on Herein?
    Yep. Herein.
    First and foremost, am I absolutely off my tree when it comes down to Herein? I don't know why, I just peiced those two words together and thought it sounded great together.
    Next, how would you spell it?
    *Note* I'm not pregnant or expecting to be ANY time soon, but I just want feedback

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    The word Herein is too close in sound to another word: "heroin". Some words just don't cut it as names so I would say to give it a pass.
    All the best,

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    Agree with mischa, I first read that as "heroin" and did a double take. I wouldn't.
    Livia, sixteen.

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    I actually didn't read it as as three syllables, just two "HERE IN," which reminds me of Heron.

    So maybe Heron, or spell like Hieren or Hierin Hieron.

    I think your could have a lot of fun with those sounds.

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    reminds me of How I met your Mother's WAITFORIT
    Planning for baby... TTC... Big name lover and will ask a lot of questions about names!

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