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    Another vs thread... Penelope vs Margot?

    So you guys have really been helping me narrow down my list. It seems when I post a thread with 4 or 5 names the reviews are too mixed and it just makes my decision harder so I am going to just do two names at a time. Hope that is Ok!

    I took Evangeline off my list for this baby after my last thread and I hope to narrow it further with this one.

    Again, I know some of you don't like Leo and Margot together but we don't mind so if you could just tell me which name you like better between Margot and Penelope and not which sounds best with Leo I would really appreciate it

    Thank you again!
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    I love Margot for it's sophisticated feel and unexpectedness
    I love Penelope for its history and cuteness and it's nickname options

    I guess it depends what you want in a name
    Out of the two I would probably go for Margot

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    I love both of the names. But I think would personally choose Penelope over Margot, even though it's more popular. I just think Penelope sounds overall more cuter, and Penny or Nell is a pretty cut nickname.

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    I definitely like Margot better. It's quirkier and spunkier than Penelope. I like Penelope, but I don't get the big deal. Like I don't see why it's soo popular now and I don't really like any of the nickname options it has. Margot is much more unique and would be refreshing to hear. (As a side note, I know you said not to comment on how the names go with Leo, but I actually like Margot better with Leo...Leo and Penelope seems weird because Leo is so short and Penelope is so long!)
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    Love Margot, don't like Penelope. I know everyone seems to love Penelope right now, but I'm just not one of them.

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