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    Name. The. Babies -C.A.F G1 Results- Bailibsmum

    F1-Louis Keith & Jessamine Cate Paullesen

    5 years after the birth of prince Theo, Jessa feels a funny twinge, and puts it down to being just stress related however you infact she was giving birth !! Unbeknown to Jessa she had caught with 4 babies and had them at home with the help of her 2 princesses Addy & Cordie. She delivers them at home whilst Lou is away at a work conference. she has 3 boys and 1 girl. The name this time jessa has decided she would like to have names with the same meaning but still with a bit of profile to them as they are a business family..... and the middles are top be 4 letters in length!

    DD: Adelaide Lucy Paullesen [emitheduckiling] (11)
    DD: Cordelia Rose Paullesen [Allij28] (8)
    DS: Theodore 'Theo' Jude Paullesen [emiththeduckling&jinglebelldaisy] (5)
    DS/DS/DS/DD:Nathaniel Clay, Matthew Sean, Jonathan Milo & Isadora Ruby. [jinglebelldaisy]

    F2- Leland James & Aliya Jayne Clancy

    Leland's is now coaching a football team that have the chance to become professionals, After Dalton Leland & Aliya decided that they would try to have 1 more child to complete their family. However they got more than they bargained for when it was revealed they were having twin girls. They want a nice name for the girls but not popular in the 1000's and a J middle as before..

    DS: Spencer Joseph Clancy [redvelvet] (12)
    DD: Emery June [emitheduckling] (9)
    DS: Dalton Jonah [bb] (6)
    DD/DD:Luisa Jane & Ramona Juliet [Allij28]

    F3-Kieran Lawrence & Serah Elizabeth Gill

    It's been 5 years since Kieran & Sarah were pregnant but they are expecting again This time they are going to be having 3 new arrivals 2 girls and 1 boy.. water theme for the middles. Serah still a T.A at a special needs school.. and is still loving the Unique sounding names that are about and not overly popular.

    DS: Adler Poseidon Gill [Unicornluvgirl] (13)
    DD: Ophelia Hudson [darcydeacon] (9)
    DS: Everest Nile 'Ever' [Jinglebelldaisy] (6)
    DS/DD/DS: Winter Neptune , Lachlan Rio & Castiel Ford [michelle6942]

    F4- Savannah May & Melody Marie Deakin-Berry

    Its been another 2 years since the ladies welcomed Lily. They have recently found an orphanage that has a 13 year old girl, 7 year old boy,3 year old boy and a 9 month old girl who are all siblings.. they all have names that are fire related. (their mother who passed away in an accident loved fire) Their middles are your choice..

    DS/DS/DD: Dexter William (Dex), Holden James (Den) & Casey Rose (Cece) Deakin-Berry[lolzabeth] (9)
    DAD: Piper Niamh (6) [bb]
    DAS: Jackson Emrys (5) [bb]
    DD: Lily Astrid (3) [michelle6942]
    DAD: Chealsea Arabelle (13) DAS: Nero Johnathan(7) DAS: Thomas Edwin (3) DAD: Molly Mariella (9m) [jinglebelldaisy]

    F5-Liana Louise Montgomery (Formally DeSykes) & Kellen James / Marcellus Pascal DeSykes & Shania Estell (Was-Gray)

    4 years have passed and Liana & Marcel have split up. he was found to be having relations with another woman ( also the housekeeper) Anyhow he got her pregnant and that's when all the secrets came out. And Kids have 3 more siblings from their father and his new wife Shania Estell Gray (now DeSykes) Marcel kept to his latin heritage when naming his other children.
    DD: Estella Carmen(3) DS/DS:Carlose Hugo & Rafael Cruz (1) [jinglebelldaisy]
    Dog: Thunder (male/ Norwegian Elkhound) [allij28]

    Liana met a man named Kellen James Montgomery and fell in love. They married very fast 1 year after they had met. They are now expecting triplets together.. 2 girls and 1 boy. Thunder went to live with Marcel after the divorce and Kellen got a new dog..for the children. The children are to have Unusual names but also have a nickname with this and The middles should have the same meaning.

    DD: Aurelia Xanthe DeSykes[Allij28] (12)
    DS: Calix Bastian DeSkyes [emitheduckling] (7)
    New Dog: Belle [michelle6942]
    DS/DD/DD: Perseus Blake, Hermione Eleanor & Thalassa Margaret. [redvelvet]

    F6-Bruce Andrew & Natalie Theresa Webster

    its been 6 years since Nat and Bruce had any children they went on holiday and concentrated on the kids for a bit before having any more.. Regan Moved out and went to college she now lives with 2 of her friends a few streets away. Phoenix is at school doing really well, Sydney is a bit of a rebel who gets in to trouble a fair bit. Peyton, Harley, Jaylen & Kelsey are all doing well.. You cannot believe how quick time has passed you remember having Peyton as if it was only yesterday and now she is 13 ...! So 7 years after the twins nat goes for a routine check up and has a few tests, Turns out she is pregnant and the swelling of the stomoch is only 5 babies!! yes five!! She had to ask the doctor a fair amount of times the same question as she thought she was hearing things!! She is carrying 3 girls and 2 boys... Although she and Bruce are thrilled they never thought that they would be capable of having 5 in one pregnancy and all naturally!! WOWZERS!! They still love the idea of having unisex names.. with traditional middles names all beginning with the same Letter. as they are all special arrivals..!!

    SD: Reagan Isabelle Webster (20)
    SS: Phoenix Richard Webster(17)
    SS: Sydney Edward Webster (15)
    DD: Peyton Annalise Webster(13) [jinglebelldaisy]
    DS: Harley Frederick (10) [lolzabeth]
    DS/DD: Jaylen Howard & kelsey Beatrice (7) [reignbeau]
    DS/DD/DD/DD/DS: Finlet Madeline, taylor Matilda, Reese Michelle, Sawyer Michael & Parker Miles [julyhare]

    Next up will be gen 2..
    *Britberry* Dani
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