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    Create a Family: Historical Era's (1900's and 1910's)

    In this thread, you get to create a family using the top 40 names from these historical time periods! Have fun!

    1900’s Family

    (FN) John, William, James, George, Charles
    (MN) Robert, Joseph, Frank, Edward, Thomas

    (FN) Mary, Helen, Margaret, Anna, Ruth
    (MN) Elizabeth, Dorothy, Marie, Florence, Mildred

    Son (1):
    (FN) Henry, Walter, Harry, Willie, Arthur
    (MN) Albert, Clarence, Fred, Harold, Paul

    Daughter (2):
    (FN) Frances, Rose, Annie, Grace, Bertha
    (MN) Emma, Bessie, Clara, Hazel, Irene
    Son (3):
    (FN) Carl, Ralph, Earl, Jack, Ernest
    (MN) David, Samuel, Howard, Charlie, Francis

    Daughter (4):
    (FN) Gertrude, Louise, Catherine, Martha, Mabel
    (MN) Pearl, Edith, Esther, Minnie, Myrtle

    Son (5):
    (FN) Herbert, Lawrence, Theodore, Alfred, Andrew
    (MN) Elmer, Sam , Eugene, Leo, Michael

    Daughter (6):
    (FN) Ida, Josephine, Evelyn, Elsie, Eva
    (MN) Thelma, Ruby, Agnes, Sarah, Viola

    1910’s Family

    (FN) John, William, James, Robert, Joseph
    (MN) George, Charles, Edward, Frank, Thomas

    (FN) Mary, Helen, Dorothy, Margaret, Ruth
    (MN) Mildred, Anna, Elizabeth, Frances, Virginia

    Son (1):
    (FN) Walter, Harold, Henry, Paul, Richard
    (MN) Raymond, Albert, Arthur, Harry, Donald

    Daughter (2):
    (FN) Marie, Evelyn, Alice, Florence, Lillian
    (MN) Rose, Irene, Louise, Edna, Catherine

    Son (3):
    (FN) Ralph, Louis, Jack, Clarence, Carl
    (MN) Willie, Howard, Fred, David, Kenneth

    Daughter (4):
    (FN) Gladys, Ethel, Josephine, Ruby, Martha
    (MN) Grace, Hazel, Thelma, Lucille, Edith

    Son (5):
    (FN) Francis, Roy, Earl, Joe, Ernest
    (MN) Lawrence, Stanley, Anthony, Eugene, Samuel

    Daughter (6):
    (FN) Eleanor, Doris, Annie, Pauline, Gertrude
    (MN) Esther, Betty, Beatrice, Marjorie, Clara

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    1900’s Family

    Father: James Thomas
    Mother: Anna Marie
    Son (1): Henry Harold
    Daughter (2): Grace Clara
    Son (3): Jack Samuel
    Daughter (4): Louise Pearl
    Son (5): Theodore Michael
    Daughter (6): Evelyn Ruby

    1910’s Family

    Father: Joseph Edward
    Mother: Margaret Virginia
    Son (1): Harold Arthur
    Daughter (2): Alice Rose
    Son (3): Ralph David
    Daughter (4): Ruby Hazel
    Son (5): Joe Samuel
    Daughter (6): Pauline Esther
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    Frida - June - Elsinore - Lucienne - Maude - Finley - Etienne - Abel

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    carrigan ruth, 16, infp, ravenclaw

    melody alice, allie cosette, mary autumn, athena daisy, lilith susannah

    seamus arthur, edgar remus, darcy james, leo titus, romeo cassius

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