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    Jun 2013
    teenberry -- writer -- drama kid
    Current crushes (constantly changing):
    Girls: Thea, Aurelia, Rosalind, Rose, Rowena, Helena, Hermione, Carys, Clio, Cassia, Viola, Lily, Lila, Lucy, Seren, Maia, Mirabel.
    Boys: Miles, James, Jasper, Jude, Graham, Arthur, Oliver, Leo, Lewis, Wesley, Rory, Rowan, Caspian, Silas, Sebastian.

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    Apr 2009
    DS: Benjamin Ryan "Ben" (18)
    DS: Carson Blake (16)
    DD: Sarah Paige (14)
    DD: Alexis Quinn "Lexi" (13)
    DD: Hannah Olivia (12)
    ds: Lucas Holden "Luke" (10)
    DD: Georgia Rose (9)
    DS: Joseph Chase "Joey" (7)
    DS/DS: Silas Dylan and Declan James (6)
    DD: Aubrey Sophia "Bree" (4)
    DS: Andrew Jacob "Drew" (3)
    DD: Grace Elizabeth (1)
    DS: Isaac Reed (10 months)

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    Jun 2013
    DS (18):
    Mason Bradley

    DS (16): Blake Landon

    DD (14): Mackenzie Rachel "Kenzie"

    DD (13): Payton Quinn

    DD (12): Carly Jordyn

    DS (10): Jonah Heny

    DD (9): Addison Rose "Addie"

    DS (7): Parker Theodore

    DS/DS (6): Wyatt Hudson/Grant Declan

    DD (4): Sophia Meredith

    DS (3): Toby Everett

    DD (1): Marley Grace

    DS (10mo): Griffin Reed "Griff"

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    Sep 2011
    child#1 boy 18 year old
    Samuel Marcus

    child#2 boy 16 year old
    Joshua Logan

    child#3 girl 14 year old
    Aurora Paige

    child#4 girl 13 year old
    Maisie Quinn

    child#5 girl 12 year old
    Leah Olivia

    child#6 boy 10 year old
    Holden Lucas

    child#7 girl 9 year old
    Georgia Madeline

    child#8 boy 7 year old
    Rowan Joseph

    child#9 and #10 identical twin boys 6 year olds
    Zachary Scott & Silas James

    child#11 girl 4 year old
    Alison Sophia

    child#12 boy 3 year old
    Andrew Atticus

    child#13 girl 1 year old
    Rebecca Marley (Ava Jocelyn was so close to winning this!)

    child#14 boy 10 months
    Alexander Griffin

    Sam, Josh, Rory, Maisie, Leah, Holden, Georgia, Rowan, Zac, Silas, Allie, Drew, Rebecca, and Xander
    Smothering one fur baby, my darling dog Briony Ember

    Peregrine, Evander, Kaius, Stellan, Cassius
    Beatrice, Hazel, Thisbe, Amoret

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    Jun 2011
    DS: Mason Samuel (18)
    DS: Landon Matthew (16)
    DD: Aurora Michelle (14)
    DD: Lily Ariel (13)
    DD: Olivia Riley (12)
    DS: Henry Shane (10)
    DD: Georgia Rose (9)
    DS: Parker Tate (7)
    DS/DS: Declan Zachary / Wyatt Dawson (6)
    DD: Lucy Meredith (4)
    DS: Andrew Atticus (3)
    DD: Emma Elizabeth (1)
    DS: Griffin Reed (10 mo.)
    Emily Christine. 18.

    My Favorite Names
    Vega. Indie. Maisie. Lilia. Nova. Dinah. Louise. Scout. Barbara. Daisy.
    Fletcher. Roman. Wyatt. Lachlan. Callum. Porter. Lincoln. Vade. Finnegan. Tate.

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