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    child#1 boy 18 year old
    Samuel Noah *Sam*

    child#2 boy 16 year old
    Julian Matthew *Ian*

    child#3 girl 14 year old
    Sarah Paige

    child#4 girl 13 year old
    Josie Anne

    child#5 girl 12 year old
    Carly Abigail

    child#6 boy 10 year old
    Jonah Henry

    child#7 girl 9 year old
    Kyra Amber

    child#8 boy 7 year old
    Jeremy Joseph *Remy*

    child#9 and #10 identical twin boys 6 year olds
    Travis Cole & Spencer Charles

    child#11 girl 4 year old
    Lucy Evelyn

    child#12 boy 3 year old
    Taylor Paul

    child#13 girl 1 year old
    Skylar Emma

    child#14 boy 10 months
    Griffin Edward *Finn*
    Names of the moment:
    Phoebe and Farley
    Shepherd and Otter

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