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    Letters you don't like

    Are there any letters that usually make you automatically dislike a name or have a prejudice against the name (makes it feel silly, made up, etc.)?

    For me, I generally dislike names beginning with K with few exceptions (I like Katherine and it's varients particularly Katerina, Japanese name like Kyoko, Kismet, Krishna, Keifer, Kellen/Kellan, Kieran/Kiernan, and Kipling)
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    K and hard C names, but only for boys. Conrad, Karl, Kurt, Cormac etc.. For some reason it doesn't bother me with girls name lol.
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    I don't really like names that start with P. The only one I kind of like and would possibly use is Patrick, but that is because it would honor my mom. It would also only be a middle name. I really can't think of another P name that I like.

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    I too dislike "K" names, and actually can't think of a single one I do like (Katherine is not bad, but is ages beneath Catherine). I also really dislike "W" names. The only one I can think of that I tolerate is Wendy.

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    I hate P, U and B for both genders. No exceptions.

    I hate O, H, and F for girls. With the exception of Haven and Ondine.
    And I hate A, X and Y for boys. With the exceptions of Alexander and Atlas.

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