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    I wouldn't start a conversation with a stranger about their baby's name. But I have complimented people when I first meet them and learn their kids' names (I always ask).
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    I'm 14, so it would be a bit awkward for me to do that unless I was alone i think. Idk that's just my viewpoint. So I would if I was alone.
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    If a stranger brings up the subject their children when I'm talking to them then I might ask what they're called (especially if said child is with them at the time) and compliment them on their choices, even if I'm not keen on them.

    I mainly do it because getting a compliment on my own child's name makes my day so it's nice to do that for someone else!
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    It's actually kind of a problem. I like a lot of names and can usually find something I like about any name. So I do this A LOT.
    I’m just trying to behave as I think a friend should behave. Granted, I haven’t had much practice.

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    Not usually, but I was served by a Flora in a shop the other day and I simply HAD to comment! I just said I thought her name was beautiful

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