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    No, I don't run into kids whose names wow me.

    I really don't think it's all that common IRL. You look like a creeper if you randomly ask total strangers what their kid's name is. Or if you overhear the name you look like a creeper for ease-dropping on their conversation.

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    Yes! I do compliment people on their names and on their kids' names! (if I love the names, that is)

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    Yesterday at work I complimented a mother on naming her daughter Nora.
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    I always tell people their baby's name is cute, even when I don't really think so! The only time (in recent memory) I told a mother her baby's name was awesome (and really meant it) was for a little boy named Hank. I guess I don't meet people with great names very often, but when I do I let them know!
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    I do.

    I am a big and tall person, so I get stares from children all the time. Lol. Some will just look at me with amazement, as if I was a character out of Jack and the Beanstalk. Others run to their parents, lol. Others will just...well, stand there. I usually get good responses. I have even had kids tell me I looked like a teddy bear (A cute insult?). So to lighten to mood, I might ask their name. I get a kick on how many children get so happy after they get a little acknowledgement.

    Any who, last week, I was at a buffet waiting on our order, when a adorable two-year-old (?), stopped in her tracks and looked at me. I spoke to her, but she didn't say anything, and kept looking at her parents. Lol, I asked what her name was and they told me, Aubrey. I told her how cute I thought her name was and she just kept looking at me, but I at least got a smile out of her.

    There was another time when a woman was about to pierce her daughters ears, when she started crying, I heard her calling her name to calm her down. It was a name I never heard of again, so I asked her to repeat it. I have no idea what it was, it was one of those times I blanked it out. It was a mash of names.

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