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    My name's Laura, and I've been called Lara and Lauren before. It doesn't bother me if it's in the doctor's surgery or whatever, but I had a teacher who would always call me Lara even when I corrected him, which is just ignorance. Laura's a popular name but both me and the other Laura in my class got called Lara so much by this teacher, we even considered going by our surnames or middle names just so we didn't have to put up with him saying our names wrong. We weren't the only ones, a girl called Carolyn got called Caroline, and we had a boy in our class from Nigeria whose name just got butchered completely he spent the whole year going by just T.
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    My frustration is some teachers at our church that have known my daughter since BIRTH and four years later still can't say it right. Tbh I didn't really think that Malia would be so difficult, since around here it's so similar to Maria. But she gets Mal-ya (like Mal in Malcolm) and Ma-LIE-a ALLLLLLLL the time. No wonder she prefers being called Baby...
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    Quote Originally Posted by catloverd View Post
    This is why I prefer names that aren't easily mispronounced. The only issue I ever had was teachers getting lazy and saying Diane instead of Diana....
    Yep! Neither of my children have had their names mispronounced (yet). My common first name has never been mispronounced, either.
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    My daughter's name is Adeline (Add-uh-line), which I tend to think of as fairly phonetically obvious, but when people read it (at a doctor's office or so forth), they constantly pronounce it like Adalyn (last syllable rhyming with "tin"). It doesn't annoy me, per se, (other than my slight annoyance at the popularity of Adalyn eclipsing Adeline, which I find much prettier ) but it does kind of boggle my mind a bit, as I don't consider it a difficult name to say. If someone persisted in saying it wrong after being corrected, it would probably bug me, though.

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    I'm Adriana and I always hear Adrianna, Adrienne or Adriane. My middle name, Yael, often gets mispronounced too. When I was younger, I felt very upset, now I get used to it, I think. I repeat my name S_L_O_W and it works
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