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    Oh Angel, many congratulations to you and the proud Daddy.

    Persephone is absolutely beautiful.

    I love the name, absolutely adore it.

    Welcome to the world (and the Nameberry family!) Persephone.

    β™₯ Margaret Mary β™₯

    Les Dames
    Ada β™₯ Beatrice β™₯ Christabel β™₯ Cordelia β™₯ Dorothea β™₯ Elisabeth β™₯ Frances β™₯ Harriet β™₯ Ida β™₯ Iris β™₯ Jessamine β™₯ Joy β™₯
    Mary β™₯ Matilda β™₯ Nora β™₯ Olive β™₯ Pearl β™₯ Rosabel β™₯ Rose β™₯ Rosemary β™₯ Sarah β™₯ Thessaly β™₯ Violet

    Les Messieurs
    Abel β™₯ Archer β™₯ Asher β™₯ August β™₯ Beau β™₯ Benedict β™₯ Edmund β™₯ Fletcher β™₯ Francis β™₯ Gabriel β™₯ Isaac β™₯ Joah β™₯ John β™₯ Josiah β™₯ Jude β™₯
    Nathanael β™₯ Nicholas β™₯ Noah β™₯ Raphael β™₯ Reuben β™₯ Samuel β™₯ Sebastian β™₯ Tobias β™₯ Zachariah

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