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    I don't have any children myself, but I'd imagine your reaction is pretty normal - I'm desperate for a girl, and I think I'll have the same reaction if I have a boy, but I'm sure it won't matter once I hold him in my arms.

    Name wise, your girls' names are so beautiful and old fashioned, so I assume you would like a name to match?

    Finn Charles, Oliver Maxwell or Henry Cole are a few suggestions

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    I am due to have a little boy in July as well and we have not decided on a name either. I had hoped for another boy and thought we had a name before I even became pregnant... but nothing seems to fit right with him. I think (hope) the name will come to either me or my husband when the baby arrives. I have no name advice, but just know you aren't alone in having a "no-name" baby :-) Good luck!

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    Hey @wahpro, how are you feeling these days?

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    i'm sorry you are feeling the way that you are. our first was a boy...and i didn't realize it...but i guess i had secretly wanted a girl...because when we found out, i had a pang of disappointment. the hairdo's i wouldn't get to do, the outfits i wouldn't get to buy. seriously...walking into a store irritates me sometimes! the amount of darling girl things vs. boy! luckily, it didn't last long. i love my boy. he is sweet and loving and boys always love their mama! i painted some big murals on our nursery walls! it was a lot of fun! his room is funky and fun...and there isn't a football in sight!
    as for the naming bit...we are having our second boy and it is just no fun thinking of a name! that's how i ended up here! what about xavier? or edward? good luck! and i hope you are feeling better soon!

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