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    well I have a top 100 list so I will do them in alphabetical instead of by favorite.

    Amelia, Adelaide, Avalon, Anna, Agatha, Ariadne, Aremé, Arabella, Adele, Áine, Aurelia, Aeronwy
    Beatrice, Bronwyn, Brigh, Blythe, Bronte, Bethany
    Clara, Charlotte, Cordelia, Carys, Cecilia, Cayda, Catalynje, Clarity, Clare
    Delilah, Darcy
    Elizabeth, Emmeline, Eithne, Eleanor, Elowen, Emalise, Esme, Eloise, Elsje, Eilidh, Etta, Effie, Ember, Evelia, Evia, Einmyria, Eris
    Georgiana, Gloriana, Genevieve Georgia
    Hermione, Helena, Hazel
    Imogen, Isolde, Illyria, Ide
    Juniper, Juliet, Jane
    Lydia, Leah, Luna, Lyra, Lienne, Leta
    Mabel, Martha, Mercy, Mary, Miette, Mirabelle, Magnolia
    Naomi, Nimue
    Olivia, Orinthia
    Persephone, Penelope, Prudence
    Ruth, Rowena, Ruby, Roseliese, Rosalind, Rosamund
    Sariah, Suthen, Shirley
    Temperance, Tamsin, Twyla, Truly
    Violet, Verity, Virginia, Viola
    Xera, Xanthia
    mom to Mckinley Mayfair, Christian Wayne & Sir Angus Fionn
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