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    Lucia, Lucille, or Lucy?

    I love all three of these. Which is your favorite?

    Lucia = loo SEE ah

    Potential middle names: Caroline, June, Amelia, Josephine, Charlotte, Matilda, May


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    Lucy would be my choice, its one of my own favourites. The pronunciation issues put me off Lucia - She may get called Lou-shee-ah or Lou-shah which I can't stand. Lucille is pretty and chic but a little cold and rigid compared to the warm Lucy.

    Lucy Caroline is adorable!

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    My friend has a little girl named Lucia who goes by Lucy. I think it's always nice to have a more formal name to fall back on, and if Lucy becomes popular, she can choose to go by Lucia, which is a bit more unique. I like Lucia June.

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    Lucy is my favorite followed by Lucille then Lucia. I would worry about pronunciation with Lucia too. I think Lucy Caroline makes the nicest combination but I also like Lucy Josephine.

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    I love both Lucy and Lucia. Lucy is adorable, but is quite popular now(#66 and rising). Lucia would be a beautiful full name for the nn Lucy. Lucia May is beautiful! For some reason, I have never liked Lucille very much...I cant put a finger on what it is though!
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