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Thread: Choose one!

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    Charles Frederick is a wonderful name! My third son is Simon Frederick - Frederick is a family name and I love it! Just a heads' up - Theodore Lawrence was the name of "Laurie" in the book , Little Women. That's one of the reasons I love it!

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I like:

    Henry Theodore
    Charles Frederick
    Theodore Jacob? Maybe Theodore Henry. I love Henry as a MN, but Theodore Henry seems a tad boring to me. But I like Henry as a MN more than Jacob. But Jacob livens Theodore up. Ergh, I'm torn. :/

    If Theodore went by Teddy, then Theodore Jacob would get my vote out of all the combos, but if he'd be Theo, I like Charles (nn Charlie?) the best. I really like both combos a lot, though.
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    Henry Lawrence is my favorite!
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    I love Henry but its getting to popular for my tastes. I choose Theodore Henry
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    2Henry Jacob or 1Charles Frederick! I like the names and the family history..

    But I also have a fondness for 3Theodore Lawrence. I love Little Women!

    Good Luck!

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