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  • Autumn Victoria

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  • Violet Catherine

    14 56.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by lizabethm View Post
    It's hard to say.
    I guess my question would be... are you planning to have another baby? If not I wouldn't mind Vienna and Violet. But if it were me, and I was having a third baby and the first 2 names started with a V then I'd be like oh, should I keep with the V pattern? Or then just do something different and it would not match?
    That's a bit of my problem. The plan is to have four. We actually have a V boy name we really like, Vincent, but no others (I'm really not going for the V thing; I guess I just like V names). I was thinking that Autumn Victoria might be a cute way to connect her to her V-named sister and hopefully future V-named brother without going too V-heavy. :-P

    Plus, I should also mention that Autumn is my husband's favorite name and Vienna was my favorite... It's so hard naming little humans! I'm probably just over-thinking it.

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    I tend to prefer Violet over Autumn, but there is something about the combination of Autumn Victoria that I adore. Violet Catherine is okay, but doesn't have the wow that Autumn Victoria does for me. Plus, I find it matchy that both girls would have the same initials...
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    I think Autumn Victoria has a nicer flow, and I agree with the pp that Violet Catherine as a combo is just okay. Plus the matchiness of the same initials is too much for me, so my vote goes to Autumn Victoria!
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