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    Can I get your thoughts on this list please??

    So this is the list I have right now. Our other children are: Maggie, Jonah, Kelsey-Rose, Emma, Mary-Elizabeth, Levi, Isaiah, Sophie-Claire, Sarah Katherine and Serena. Our last name is 3 syllables, starts with ES and ends with "ah". Giovanna, Gloria, Anna, Jane or Josephine and Marie would all honor family. So, Out of this list (it is kind of long) what are your thoughts?? Feel free to mi and match if you see a better combo. I am interested to get input! Thanks so much!!

    Ella Josephine

    Savannah Jane

    Charlotte Eloise

    Anna Caroline

    Anna Joy Caroline

    Lucy Caroline

    Jane Victoria

    Susannah Joy

    Caroline Joy

    Caroline Gloria

    Lily Caroline

    Lily Frances

    Anna-Grace Evangeline

    Anna Eloise

    Eloise Jane

    Olivia Giovanna

    Olivia Marie

    Olivia Jane

    Hope Genevieve

    Hope Evangeline

    Grace Caroline

    Madeline Anne
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    Well, as a Caroline Joy, I've always loved my name! Putting that bit of bias aside..

    1. I think Anna Caroline is my favorite, beautiful and just so so classic.
    2. Caroline Gloria is lovely and honors family. There's something stunning about that combination.
    3. Anna-Grace Evangeline is beautiful too. I like Anna-Grace quite a bit. Anna-Grace Caroline?

    I'd avoid another S name since you have a few already. And a third M sort of leaves Kelsey-Rose as the odd initial out.
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    Love having input from a Caroline Joy thank you!! Yes, I am trying to avoid another S name, though I have extended family who think it would be "so cute to continue the pattern as these girls will be so close together".... I adore Caroline, but for some odd reason here, where I live (and it's in the South... go figure) a lot of times I hear it being pronounced, "Carolyn" that, I can not understand, and I hate to think of a lifetime of correcting people... but maybe I am over worried about it.
    ~ "How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers."~ Mother Teresa

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    I would cross off the "S" names since you have three "S" names in a row. I really love:

    Lucy Caroline
    Jane Victoria
    Caroline Gloria
    Anna-Grace Evangeline
    Hope Evangeline

    For what it's worth, I'm in Alabama and I always hear Caroline pronounced Caro-line. Only Carolyn gets the pronunciation you mentioned.
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