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  • Chloe Elise

    10 21.74%
  • Chloe Eloise

    10 21.74%
  • Chloe Isabelle

    10 21.74%
  • Chloe Renee

    11 23.91%
  • Chloe Elizabeth

    14 30.43%
  • Chloe Joyce

    4 8.70%
  • Chloe Heather

    5 10.87%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Chloe..MN

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    Chloe Elise or Chloe Elizabeth. I know Chloe and Elise kinda smoosh together but I rather like that.
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    I like Chloe Elizabeth the best. Elizabeth gives Chloe some substance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roseymaam View Post
    I love Chloe too, but I'm not in love with any of your combos. The only mn choice I like is Eloise, but I don't think it works with Chloe. I would choose Chloe Louise or Chloe Louisa in a heartbeat, though. Instead of Joyce, what about Joy?
    I agree, even though Eloise is my favorite name on the poll, I think Chloe Louise flows much better and would have voted for that.

    Chloe Renee flows nicely, but Renee is not my favorite name. And Heather is dated.

    I voted for Chloe Isabelle because I think there's enough of a break between the vowel change so it doesnt run together as much as some of the others. But Chloe Louise is my other vote!
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    I think Chloe Isabelle Taylor works best for syllables. Elizabeth also works well. I don't like the name Renee at all, not the way Renee Zellwegger says it anyway. I like Heather, I had a friend named that at school so good associations for me. Eloise and Elise are nice enough but I don't like them with Chloe as much as Isabelle and Elizabeth.
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    Many good choices here-my favourite is Chloe Elizabeth. I also love Chloe Wren.

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