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    Levicy. I found it as a first name of a gggg-aunt. Seems to have been popular in Kentucky in the 1800's, and it's also a surname (though rare) on the east coast. I like that it's a strong name used for girls only (so far as I can tell).

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    I've recently been loving old fashioned names, especially Biblical ones. Lately, I've been crushing on Leah for girls and Ephraim for boys.

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    I've fallen in love with my own name, Catalina. I really used to hate it but now I admire it. I also like Elliott and Kieran for boys.
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    I am loving Thea. I do not know anyone by this name but the sister of Oliver on Arrow is named Thea and it is really growing on me. I have always thought it was a bit hard to say-like you had a lisp. But I'm thinking of adding it to my list now!
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    Ottilie, Angelika (on-gay-lee-kuh), Anneliese (on-uh-lee-zah), Astrid, Amalia, Anika, Charlotte (shar-lotte), Beatrix. Lots are family names and I'm crushing hard on names from my heritage (German, Irish, and Native American, mostly German )

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