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Thread: Cale? <3

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    I like the name Cale. My sons middle name is Mikhail which is similar and has the -ale ending.

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    There's also Cael, which loses the kale association and is more interesting, imo. Or Cade which is similar. I like Cale too though.
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    I think of Cale as an androgynous name. I knew a girl Cale, and yeah at first her name made me think of a vegetable. I don't think I ever lost the vegetable association in my mind, but it wasn't a bad association. If anything, it seems to increase the "snappiness" and freshness of the name. She was the only Cale I knew, so it also seemed unique.

    What if you used it as short for Caleb? You could still use Cale, and no one would say you "named your kid after a vegetable," if that possibility bothers you.

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    My friend's boyfriend is name Cale, and I actually think it's pretty cool.

    Though, when my boyfriend met him he did say "Hey! I just had some kale soup today!"

    Whether or not that's a bad thing is up to you. I think Cale is a nice name.
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    I love the name Cale! I don't think of the vegetable at all and with other fruit/vegetable coming into spotlight (Olive, Clementine, Colby, Basil) I think Cale is a great choice.
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