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Thread: Sheherazade!

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    What do you think of that name?
    I think it's a lovely and interesting choice

    Also with what two middle names would you paired it?

    Thanks on advance!
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    Ick. Imagine this poor child trying to learn to write her name. Sorry.

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    I love the over-the-top regal feel of the full name, total guilty pleasure for me, but I could see a gutsier namer using it. I think you'd need to put some thought into possible nicknames you love just as much as I can't imagine a little girl using her full name exclusively! (Hera, Shaw, Shea, Zadie, Zi/Zizi...)

    I'd pair it with a very short and simple middle!
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    I think it's gorgeous, but would work better in the middle spot or with a more conventional nickname. And a very short & sweet middle
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    Bellerose Miss Honaaaay.
    You should just get your list out here all at once. Lay 'em out and we'll knock 'em down.
    Though I kind of love checking Nameberry and seeing you've posted "Saskatchewan!" "Alopecia!" "Jezabel!"

    That said, I think Scheherazade is waaay over the top. Your sibset options would be limited. Brother named Rumpelstiltskin?

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