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    My son goes by Van. Love that name

    My biggest pet peeve is names spelled wrong, so some of those really bother me.
    Mother of Evander (nn Van) and Gabriel
    Gabriel - Sebastian - Shepherd -- Eliza - Dagny - Annabelle

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    In one of my yearbooks there's a girl named Maryjane Burner. I wonder of her parents were stoners or just clueless. She was a senior in my preschool yearbook from 1998 so she was probably born between 1979-1981.

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    I graduated in '89 from the WASPiest school imaginable, but there was one black kid named Obie, one of my few male friends.

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    At my high school there is a Merrill, Nyejai, Jeamy, Augustin, Caesar, Rocco, Nicolette, Zamary, Taalibah, and Blake.
    A teenage writer and name lover~
    Rosemary Evangeline Claire, Flora Beatrice Angelica, Eleanor Ambrosia Louise, Martha Phoebe Guinevere, Anastasia Maya Faye, Valentina Sylvia Jane

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    You must have gone to a BIG high school! Mine only has about 700 students.

    Girls: Ivy, Caroline, Bryony, Augusta, Columbia, Sage, Delphine

    Boys: Adrian, Halcyon, Everett, Nathaniel, Elliott, Brighton, Theodore, Levi

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