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Thread: Shea

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    When you hear Shae, do you assume boy or girl? I want it for a boy but don't want people assuming he's a girl before meeting him

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    The first thing I think of is the Irish family name... Shea, or O'Shea. I don't think of it as either a male or female name.

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    I don't think of either gender. I have known a woman who goes by Shea, but that doesn't make me think of a woman. I think it sound neat on a boy, like Jay or Kay or other single syllable names. I think it's cool. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Neither. I just think of shea butter.
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    There's also the male name Shia (like Shia LeBouf) which is even more feminine sounding. I think you're safe with Shea. But I wouldn't spell it Shae - that ae ending always seems to indicate feminine.

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