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    Anything and Everything- Girls!

    Hello there! We are just looking for some help with middle names for our girls names, and some more names to add to our list in general! Here is what we have-

    Ivy Louisa (Ivy Lou)

    Only totally in love with Ivy Louisa and Cora. Hubby's favorite is Natalia but I think it needs a middle name I really love to make me fall in love with it! I think Ivy and Cora are so much cuter and classier

    Here is what we have for boys so you can get an idea for our overall style (if we even have one)

    Merrick Thomas
    Liam Parker
    Rhett Maverick

    Again, we are looking for any and all suggestions to add to our girls list!!

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    I love Ivy Louisa and Cora! My daughter is Nora Louise and often goes by Nora Lou! Super cute!

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    Nora Louisa is beautiful!

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    Liam and Ivy, Rhett and Lila, Maverick and Cora all sound super cute together Natalia is kind of the odd one out. Does DH like Talia I feel like that fits with your other names more.

    Other short spunky names
    Tess/Tessa - I think this pairs well with Merrick

    Not sure about sure about middles. Did you have any names in mind for the middle spot?
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    We originally had Annaliese paired with Cora but not sure we're crazy about it. Last night we discussed Kate as a middle, because Catherine is HUGE in my family. But really no other ideas!

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