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    Milo: I love this spunky name.

    Atticus: I'm seing this name everywhere so it's lost its spark. I've always like Roman names but I think there are some better ones that this one that end in "us". I love Cassius, Augustus, Cornelius, Darius, Ignatius, Julius etc...

    Jess - I like the Blbical name of Jesse so this is just a nickname for me and looks incomplete without the final "e".

    Christian (possible nickname Kit) : I don't mind this name because I'm Christian but a lot of non-believers turn up their nose.

    Davey/Davy - too cutesy for a grown man. Humans are adults for most of our lives so we have to pick names that age well.


    Artemis: This is a strong mythological name and I like it! The only thing it lacks is a good nn: Artie, Tem/Temi, Missy - no, Issy maybe?

    India - lots of problems with this one. If you don't have any special ties to India, I would stay clear.

    Oswin - this is a BOYS name for me. Why use it for a girl when you can choose it for a boy?

    Scout - I think this word makes an adorable nickname but I wouldn't consider it for a first name. Jean Louise nn Scout was the character's real name and I find that name would be more "unique" in this day and age. Finch would be a good mn choice but again I wouldn't have it as a first name or as a mn for Scout. And you will have to choose which one you like better - Atticus or Scout? It would be quite cheesy to have both in the same family.

    Juno - this is fine. Yeah, it's the name of a film but the film wasn't a blockbuster, was it? I also like June, Junia and Juniper.
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    Milo is nice. I really like Miles too. Miles Zayev Craig is classic with a unusual middle name.

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