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    I think Penelope is getting super trendy/generic - especially since Kourtney Kardashian completely ruined it for me. Molly Ann is fresh and sweet!

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    I like Anne with the 'e'.
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    If I had a baby tomorrow...
    Atlas Adair or Lyra Sylvie

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    As a middle name Anne I prefer that spelling Ann doesn't look right but how is it spelt in your family? I think thats all that matters.
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    I think little sister is Molly Ann!

    We have both spellings of Ann(e) in my family. My Gram was Rita Ann (and often went by 'Ann' alone) and I am using the name in honor of her.

    When I was pregnant with big sister, we debated the 'h' on the end of Nora. I decided that simpler was better, for us. And, I think the same applies here.

    Molly Ann, short, sweet and simple! Nora Louise and Molly Ann! I love it! Thank you all!

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    Penelope is great! It is rising in popularity, but I like it a lot more than cutesy Molly.

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