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    I think Everly is a pretty name, but I agree it wasn't that imaginative
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    Given that if you combine all the spellings of Everly from 2012, there were about 600 (with Everly being the most used spelling), it's not that uncommon really. Certainly not that uncommon it can be seen as copying!

    Admittedly it's not widespread, but I think about 600 is still a significant enough number, when you consider some names really are used only a handful of times.

    As for the name, it's not something I'd use, but it's not as bad as some celebrity names.
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    better than her fathers name me thinks!! lol i think its nice simple and yet has a tad bit of elegance to it.. xx
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    I`m definitely disappointed, but not too surprised.
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    Just as I suspected...they're hot, but boring!

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