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    I don't think it is weird at all! My DH and I both adore Scandinavian names (we live in the US) and plan on using a Scandinavian name if we have a boy.

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    Absolutely not weird at all. All of my 3 children have names from different/unrelated cultures and we love their names and get compliments all the time. You should pick a name you love!

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    If you really love a name from another culture, I think it's fine. Personally, I would feel a bit weird choosing a very ethnic-sounding name given that my background is predominently English/Scottish. However, we're considering Italian names because my husband is Italian. My mum definitely doesn't think it's weird to use names from other cultures - she's throwing Spanish names at me constantly (and she's not Spanish!).
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    As long as it isn't a name that would offend anyone, like in a religious way or a cultural way. I wouldn't pick a name from a marginalized group or something. Italian names, French names, they're all over the US top 10.

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    I think Greek, Scandinavian or French names would be fine. They are different from English, but they do share linguistic roots with English, we already use those kinds of names a lot. It really wouldn't be weird. A more obviously Arabic or Asian or African name might come across as a little weird, you might get some claims of cultural appropriation, especially if the name has a significant cultural meaning that you would be erasing. I guess for Greek, Scandinavian and French names, if you found a name that had a particularly strong religious meaning or history, that could be a little weird. Honestly though I wouldn't worry about it. Stealing names from other cultures is a time-honored tradition, and I don't think anyone finds it unusual.

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