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    My mother wants her first granddaughter to have the same name as her. It's not about the name itself which is nice. I don't like it because I would prefer something more creative than my mom's name. There are other people in our distant family with this name. Plus it's my middle name. (Not to mention my first name is her original middle name.)

    My mother wants her first grandson to have their top boy name they never got to use. I feel more guilty about not wanting to use this, but I feel I should be able to chose my own names.

    I am sure if these names were used she would come up with more names for our children.
    Good Luck!

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    Well, I'm not pregnant yet, but my mum suggests random names to me every now and then. She has a bizarre and unexplained love of Spanish names (she's not Spanish). Her latest suggestion was Carlos. Um, no thanks, mum.
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    I actually asked my parents for help in picking names. They have very similar taste to my own, and I know that there are some names I might like today and hate tomorrow- but the ones I like long term tend to be ones we all like.

    My husband doesn't have too many preferences except a certain girl's name that we both love, so I just run the names by him and he says whether he likes them or doesn't. :P Unfortunately, we won't be trying to conceive til next year.

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    My husband's grandma was so proud of herself because she spent all day in bed dreaming up names for our baby #2 (who was a gender surprise) and was so excited about her pick Graciella for a girl that I did not have the heart to tell her it would absolutely never ever even be considered. She thought it was so perfect but if you knew our last name, it would just make you laugh - among other reasons against it...LOL, well thankfully we ended up having a boy so I didn't have to break it to her gently that her name didn't make the cut. It was super cute how hard she tried though!!!

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    My mother-in-law won't stop calling our unborn child 'Wilbur', though I've asked her to stop. It's the pig from Charlotte's web!

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