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    1. My sister has already done so with my two nieces. Not from states, but other countries.
    2. I am from Texas. Although, my be cool for a cowboy, nn Tex, not my style.
    3. My city name, well, cannot picture it. Have seen it though.
    4. My current city name, I have seen it bounced around on nameberry, which I originally thought was a bit strange. I can see it as a name, but it is a small town, so I cannot do that to my child. Hi, this is 'T', she is from 'T, and she attends 'T' school district. No thanks.
    5. My last name is a state name. I think that itself makes it overkill.

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    No I wouldn't, only really because I don't think any of them would work as names, well York is okay for a boy but it's not to my tastes.
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    I would never name my child Nebraska. Besides, anyone who's ever been to Nebraska long enough ends up wanting to leave. So...

    I have at one point thought the name Neligh was adorable and considered it. Its a town in Nebraska I would always drive through to visit my old farmhouse. Its pronounced like "Neely". If I could, I'd suggest Nephele to my old self and that probably would have replaced it.
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    I live in South Carolina and Caroline is one of my favorite names, so sure. I like Carolina too but I wouldn't choose that, though I do know a Carolina. I like Karolina as well.
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    I'm not generally fond of most place names as given names.

    My great-grandma Catherine (who I am named for) had Missouri as her middle name. I was so shocked when I found that out! We live in Kansas now, right next door, but we didn't come here until I was a kid. My whole family is originally from Ohio. I don't think great-grandma had ever even been to Missouri. I've asked a couple family members, but so far I have no idea why she might have been given that name. It's possible her parent's just like the sound of it...I guess...

    After finding this on the family tree, though, I did jokingly tell me husband that we would have to name our daughter Mary Kansas because it's a tradition in my family. Mary for Maryland where he was born/grew up and Kansas for the state I grew up in. LOL!

    Don't worry, we didn't really name her that.

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