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    I'm kind of particular about place name names, though. Because I don't think it's cool to name a kid after where you are currently living...BUT, I also really don't like people using names of places that they've never been to. I think the place has to have a personal significance to you to justify using it. Either you previously lived there, have visited, have a family member who lived there, etc. I think it's rather dull to use a place name just because you like the sound of it. (The exception, of course, is place names that were originally people names first, like Virginia, Georgia. I'd still hesitate to use them if the place wasn't at least a positive association for you.)

    My DH and I have tossed around using Charleston, Chattanooga (yeah, that's a bit out there!), Tennessee as funky middle names, since they have personal significance. But I would never use Brooklyn or Savannah (never been there, though it's close to places I've lived!), even if I liked them (which I don't particularly...).

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    Does this thread remind anyone else of Forrest Gump? Lol.

    "There was Dallas, from Phoenix. Cleveland, he was from Detroit. And Tex... Well I don't remember where Tex come from."
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    @amydomsmom - LOL
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    The city I live closest to is Male' (pronounced Mar-LAY). Yeah, I don't think so.
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