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    thank you! I find myself leaning more towards Isla for some reason, but every time I get too close, Lyra just pulls me back to her. Neither name are very common in the area I live in. In fact, I have never heard them on an actual child. But I know from other websites that both are gaining in popularity. Lyra is a name I have had a love affair with for so long, that it is hard to let her go, But I don't want to pass on such a beauty as Isla either. ugh! I wish they weren't so similar or I would slap them together and call it a day!
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    Aaah, I love all these names. Isla, Rosalind, Lyra, Elowen... right up my alley!

    It's a tough call, but I would go with Isla. I agree that it goes a little better with your other kids' names (although Lyra has the astronomy connection, which I love.) Isla Rosalind is a beautiful combination.
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    I prefer Lyra Elowen. Isla Rosalind is pretty too, but Isla is a little too trendy for my taste.
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    Both names are lovely but I love Lyra Elowen

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    Connor, Jack and Isla are a perfect match. Isla Rosalind sounds so much more dignified and sophisticated than Lyra Elowen IMO. Lyra Elowen is a little too whimsical for my taste.

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