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    Quote Originally Posted by milasmama View Post
    This! So much. It's like, "my life must be PERFECT or my child will be screwed up FOREVER." .
    I don't think anybody was saying that. Some people feel more secure and therefore in a better place to have children when they have certain ducks in a row. I think that's what everybody is saying.
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    I wanted to:

    *get married (check)
    *buy a house (Yeah. That JUST happened 6 months ago...My son is 3.)
    *finish my MA (I finished before he was 1 year-old.)
    *have a solid career (I was in my 3rd year of teaching when my son was born...The next year I was laid off. Stuff happens. And now I'm trying to transition from full-time teacher to full-time home school mom.)

    So, I didn't finish them in timeline, but they got accomplished. We were 27 and 26 when our baby boy was born. For us, it was the perfect age
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    I dont know that I wanted to have "finished" doing anything in particular before having kids. I didn't have a timeline for when I expected to have already been married or living in a house or whatever.
    I figured I'd let my life play out and when kids happened, great!
    I went to college. I spent time abroad. I sowed my wild oats.... If I had gotten pregnant during any of that time it wouldn't have been a tragedy, but fortunately, I made it through fairly unscathed.
    I have always loved to travel. My lifelong dream has always been to see everything!
    My SO and I share that dream and hope to continue traveling even with kids. We would like to pass on the passion for culture and languages.
    We would love to own a house, but that isn't a reality in today's market so we will continue to plan out adventures at least twice a year to do as a family.
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    I'm sixteen. I'm waiting until marriage to do the do (if you get what I'm saying) (wink wink nudge nudge), so I'm thinking that marriage is a given! Besides that, I think I'd like to finish college and have financial security. I want to have babies, believe me. But I want them to be able to have food and toys and awesomeness. Ya know?

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    I wanted to be married, finish my degree, and pay off my student loans before having a baby. I did all of those things, in that order as a matter of fact. Owning our own house wasn't a priority, but we did that, too. Before having kid #2, I would like to save up enough money to buy a new car (my current car is too small for 2 car seats.) I'm 26, by the way.

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