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    My only goal was to get married first! Yay! Mission accomplished! I honestly never thought the desire to give birth would hit me, and it didn't until my late 20's. We didn't own a home, in fact we lived in a smallish 1 bedroom in Brooklyn. We didn't even own a car. But we had both lived life, traveled, got our crazy partying out of the way and while my career was not heading where I hoped my husband was doing well so we were financially good to go and we took the leap. The only thing that would've held me back is finances or lack of health insurance coverage.

    We have since that time bought a house & car. While house hunting & moving multiple times during pregnancy & my daughter's infancy was NOT FUN AT ALL I wouldn't change a thing. An infant doesn't take up too much space so we were fine without the big house to start off!

    As for buying a home I suggest you stop by your bank to discuss building credit. I wish we had learned about the whole process sooner!

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    When I was 16 my list of what I wanted to accomplish before having a baby was literally, "Graduate high school"... on a good day.
    Thank goodness for me that I didn't let that pan out.

    I have 2 degrees, I've travelled a ton and lived abroad (and while I still want to travel, I've done a lot of it and feel like the travel bug is at bay right now).... basically all I really need is 1) to fall in love and get married, and 2) financial independence and security.
    I'm a solid 3 years from all this, minimum, I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucialucentum View Post
    ... basically all I really need is 1) to fall in love and get married, and 2) financial independence and security.
    Ahhh yes. Just this. Being with a lovely chap (preferably married) and being independent is pretty much all I would need. Travel: there are places I'd quite like to go, but I'm not that pushed. I'm happy where I am in the world and I don't feel the need to go travelling to make me a better person. Career: I'm not career-orientated and if having a baby meant giving up a job, I would do so in a heartbeat. Housing: again, as long as I'm independent it doesn't bother me. My early years were spent in a tiny flat and it's made no difference to me whatsoever. Money: As long as there's a decent income, though I'm not setting targets. I think saving up before kids is quite a US thing? Obviously, you're going to need all the baby gear, but healthcare is free over here. Wonder how this will change when I get round to having kids?!

    I'm sure this makes me a very boring person, but whatever. #1 is the hardest thing though and looks increasingly unlikely :/
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    My goal was to get married (which I did at the young age of 20) and finish college (which I did as well). Then I started to work and before I knew it I was 24 and I wanted a baby. So we started trying and in January of 06, my gorgeous son was welcomed into the world. My husband has a super steady job and we are in good financial standing, so I left my job, and became a SAHM. I wouldn't have changed the way we did. I'm happy with our huge family (which will be expanding this summer!)

    The only thing I didn't accomplish before starting a family was getting my masters, but I can get that later, after the kiddos are older.
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    - Finish school (Estimated completion December 14)
    - Find a enjoyable and well paying job (Check)
    - Get married (2014)
    - Travel (Check)

    I'm getting there, haha

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